HAPPY 2016!


So we're now into a couple of weeks into 2016 &
Ive got several new releases planned!
Some old, some new, some remixes!
 but overall gonna be a wonderful year if you're a fan of mine?

Why am I going all out this year? Well 10 years ago this coming summer I officially launched my hobby music career & still going strong all these years later!

I'm right now going thru some new shit I've been working on for the past 2-3 years & hope to get it out sometime this year as well!

Many of these songs I've written are from the same category as the last album "E.O.H 2012" with the "big brother anti-1984" vibes...You will hear it soon! STAY TUNED...

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Very soon I will convert this page to the NEW AnthonyPhillipStone.com! Stay tuned...